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Pressure washing is a mix of science and art.  As distributors, we have access to a plethora of products.  With years of wand time,
we have used many of the
pressure washing supplies that we sell. We are therefore able to give you tips, tricks and tools of the
trade from personal experience.  We understand the frustration of getting a new piece of
pressure washing equipment and
being unhappy with its performance. Our goal is to educate you with honest feedback so that we can eliminate the let-down.

A little about us.  We operate a bricks and mortar retail/service location in Gainesville, Georgia.  We also operate an
internet-based retail outlet for all things pressure washing.  From equipment to cleaners, we carry over 5,000 items with most
items shipping the same day (orders placed before 4:00 p.m. EST).  And lastly, we conduct on-site business training for those
companies that prefer to out-source their new-hire training programs.

Our full webstores
are located at     and     We've created a
smaller store for the specific items that we
complete in-depth reviews and/or testing.  Any of the webstores operated by North
American Pressure Wash Outlet utilize the Yahoo Stores encrypted store so your information is safe and secure.  You can also
find our products listed on our Ebay store and on Amazon.  Make sure you read our customer reviews about our company, our
products and our service.  Our goal is to take the worry out of internet shopping.  We are a registered business with the State of
Georgia, affiliated with various industry organizations such as the
United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners and the Power
Washers of North America
, and registered with the Better Business Bureau.  We take our business seriously.  We take your
satisfaction even more serious.
Please read our shipping and ordering policies BEFORE placing an order.  No legal hidden costs.
 When in doubt, please call us at 678-943-1488.

Most of our customers are professional contractors but we also work with a variety of individuals in outlying industries such as
poultry, energy, auto detail shops and even do-it-yourself weekend warriors.  Let us help you make your projects a success.
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The Original X-Jet Nozzle
The X-Jet Nozzle is a great tool to have if you want to avoid
ladders to clean the hard-to-reach areas of your home or your
customer's home.  The X-Jet Nozzle is approximately 4 inches long
and is stainless steel.  The nozzle will inject and proportion soaps
and chemicals at high pressure or low pressure without going
through your pump, hose or gun.  

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F9 BRAC - The World's Best Rust Remover
Lately we began to hear a lot about this product called F9 -
BRAC.  This product claims to remove battery acid and rust
from concrete, asphalt and lots of other substrates.  Our
professional contractors were telling tall tales.  Sounded like a
challenge to me!

We had a contact with a local Homeowners Association
President who had some really tough mineral deposit stains as
well as some rust stains on concrete.  So on a recent Saturday
morning, we loaded up a pressure washer, a pump-up sprayer,
a long-handle broom brush and a few products that we were
going to test on the same tough stain.  

I can say that I am a believer....saw it with my own eyes.
more here......
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De-Oil-It Degreaser Heavy Equipment Cleaner
The claims were large.  A product that could be used as a
degreaser that was safe for the environment because it changed
the composition of petroleum based products at the molecular
level.  A product that would continue to degrade petroleum that
was on substrates like the ground and concrete.  A product that
was easy to mix and easy to apply.  

After testing, I can say that I am quite confident in this product's
Read more about DE-OIL-IT here.....
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business growth.  As business owners, we can TOTALLY
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