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1 Gallon Jug - De-Oil-It
Degreaser and Degrader
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Degreaser and Degrader
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Degreaser and Degrader
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DE-OIL-IT is sold as a concentrate and is
water activated.  If the solution evaporates,
the solids will remain dormant until
re-hydration occurs.  The amount of water
needed to hydrate
DE-OIL-IT, runs
anywhere from a highly humid
environment to complete submersion into
a body of water. The point keeps on
working!  Everytime the ground gets
re-hydrated....the product is reactivated
until remediation has occurred.  Think of
the possibilities with gas stations and drive
thru pads with petroleum and oil residues!
Spray all areas that are to be
cleaned with the diluted
DE-OIL-IT solution.  Wait about
10-15 minutes for it to
penetrate the dirt, grease,
grime, etc.
DE-OIL-IT is safe and approved
for ocean/waterway
Dilution ratio for new
users: 1 part product to
1 part water.  This is to
get the user familiar with
degreasing properties.  
As the user becomes
more proficient with its
application, the dilution
ratio can be adjusted.
DE-OIL-IT can be used as a cleaner
/ degreaser for tractors, bulldozers,
excavators and all other heavy
equipment vehicles.  It is safe to use
in Aviation, Household Cleaning,
Marine, Oil Spills , Industrial
Cleaning,  Restaurant Driveways
and much more.  
Draw the DE-OIL-IT solution
through the chemical
applicator on the pressure
washer at low volume/low
pressure with a chemical
injection nozzle.
Are you performing ocean water
remediation?  If not, then you may
consider using DE-GREASE-IT.  Much
better price with the same
performance.  It is not approved for
ocean water remediation.
DE-GREASE-IT Heavy Equipment Degreaser and Degrader
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