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Gutters can be a bugger.  The tiger stripes and the
electrostatic bond that is made between the dirt
and the can really annoy a guy!  There
are some tools around that can honestly help and
won't break the bank.

Check out
MarXoff Gutter Cleaners and the
replacement pads. These pads can speed the
cleaning process for
gutters.  The system is contoured to the shape of a
standard gutter.  Dip it into some
Gutter Zap and
clean the dirtiest of gutters with ease.  A little
tip....when working with not pre-wet.
Work in small sections and watch for the dirt to
"run".  When it does, it is time to wipe and rinse.  

Gutter Ball is also an excellent option.  This ball
can be attached to the end of a lance and put in to
the gutter.  It will make a mess!  But it does work.  
We have personally used it and were pleased with
the results. Check out the
Catch N Cover
microfiltration membrane tarp.  This tarp will
catch the debris and allow the water to flow

And don't forget the
X-Jet Nozzles.  These specialty
nozzles allow the user to reach 2 stories without the
use of a ladder.
The nozzle system will also serve as a downstream
injection.  Remember downstream injection means
that your caustic chemicals used will not run
through your pump increasing pump life

Let us know how we can help.

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