Graffiti Removers @
Part # 7090
12 oz can - $14.50

Part # 7091
1 Case (6 10 oz. Cans ) - $66.00
ELITE Graffiti Remover Paint Remover@
Part # 8081
1 Gallon Size - $75.00

Part # 8080
1 Case (4 X 1 Gallon) - $288.00
Designed for use in the removal of
paint and graffiti surfaces:






Aggregate Panels

Asphalt Surfaces


Stainless Steel


Painted Surfaces and more.....

When used correctly, ELITE Graffiti Remover should not damage or harm
the surface.
Coverage Rates for Elite Graffiti Remover
ELITE Graffiti Remover is a fast activating remover that penetrates
deeply into spray paint and other graffiti coatings.  ELITE Graffiti
Remover quickly dissolves and breaks down most graffiti coatings
90 seconds allowing it to be easily removed by pressure
washing with water.  ELITE Graffiti is intended for
exterior surface
50 - 200 square feet/gallon
Application temperature range is from 35 degrees
Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  The performance
and the function of ELITE Graffiti Remover will be affected
by cooler temperatures slowing down the activation time
and high temperatures promoting increased evaporation
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Watch Dog Lift Away Water-Based Graffiti Remover is non-toxic, bio-degradable
formulation designed to specifically remove graffiti from smooth services such
as glass, terrazzo, metal and other non-porous surfaces.  In most cases, Watch
Dog Lift Away Graffiti Remover will work in under a minute.

We personally saw this product demonstrated and were impressed by its
capabilities.  It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and nonflammable.  
Surface and air temperature should be a minimum of 40
degrees Fahrenheit during the use of this product.  Test
areas should be done to determine the time frame needed
for removal to occur.  Allow only a minute or two for the
product to work.
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