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For professional wood restoration experts, time is money. With other stain products,
the manufacturers recommend dry wood with guidance on acceptable moisture
content.  Wet Wood Stain was developed and introduced in 2008 to offer an option
to stain damp or wet wood.  Wet Wood Stain uses nano-technology in its ultra-violet
protection package, providing exceptional protection against fading and graying.  All
colors are made with trans-oxide pigments.  Wet Wood Stain also contains one of the
highest pigment contents for a semi-transparent on the market, so colors remain rich
and last longer than the nationally advertised brands.
Wet Wood Stain's technology incorporates oils into a water base, allowing it to be applied to damp or wet wood
displacing the water and penetrating the surface, curing to long lasting finish.  Wet Wood Stain is made of a
unique blend of Tung Oil, a tough resin typically used in premium furniture stains, and linseed oil, which is noted
for its flexibility.  The results is a finish that is highly durable yet able to expand and contract with changing weather
conditions. It will not chip, crack or peel off and will wear over time with foot traffic.
The stain can be applied with a brush, rag
or a sprayer.
Coverage rate is 150-275
square feet a gallon on rough surfaces and
275 - 375 square feet a gallon on smooth

How long will it last? The typical
re-application period is 5 years on vertical
surfaces and 3 years on horizontal

How do I clean up? Nice soapy water
because the stain is water-based so it does
not require a solvent cleaner.
5 - Gallon Pail - Sierra Brown
5 - Gallon Pail - Cedar
5 - Gallon Pail - Clear
5 - Gallon Pail - Western Brown
5 - Gallon Pail - Driftwood
5 - Gallon Pail - Woods Brown
5 - Gallon Pail - Redwood
Wet Wood Stain also have a very low VOC of 3.4 grams per liter making it
environmentally friendly as well.  And it has been tested by third-party labs for resistance
to bacteria and mold and has received the highest rating attainable after being subjected
to over thirty strains of commonly occurring bacteria in the United States.