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As business owners, we understand the importance and power of knowledge. While you can't
know everything, it is important to know as much as you can about the field that relates to your
business.  As business owners, we have people who serve as team members such as our
accountant, tax attorney, small business development representatives, chamber of commerce
and a banker.  We even have Best Buy's Geek Squad for our networking and computer needs. We
also take advantage of training and seminars that relate to our business design.  We can't
imagine being successful without these key players.

We hope that the staff at NAPWO becomes a part of your team.  Let us give you the knowledge
you need to be successful in the power wash industry. Unlike many other industries and
occupations, power washing does not have Board certifications like the medical field (nurses,
doctors, etc.) or training approved by technical colleges or university systems.  Training is
offered by industry-recognized organizations and individuals. Our only recommendation is to
choose wisely.
With a combined 40 years of experience, the team at NAPWO has the
knowledge and wand-time to help you learn, dream and achieve your next level of success.
If you are considering entering the power wash industry, it's important that you become the "expert" in your occupation.  Using a power washer to
clean various substrates in the wrong manner can irreversibly damage property.  Using chemicals in the wrong manner can damage property and can
harm the user if the correct precautions are not taken.  Mix the wrong chemicals and create mustard gas which can be lethal.  We want you to have a
solid foundation to begin your business and use appropriate safety precautions when working with chemicals to keep you safe.

Consider this guide that will cover the following topics:

cleaning processes for various structures
safety techniques

To make yourself profitable as a business, you also need to understand the basics:

SEO activities
website design

This easy-to-read guide will give you a strong start to successfully operating a pressure washing business.  Author Tracy Handl, has been in the business for nearly 18 years.  Having started in the field washing fences and decks, Tracy understands some of the daily challenges of the industry.  He
has seen many new businesses start and then fail because they didn't start with a solid foundation of knowledge.  Don't let this happen to you; order
your guide now for
$39.99 + shipping.
Part Number: 10000
$39.99 + Shipping
Cleaner Times Pressure Washer's Guidebook
This guidebook is written by the folks
at Cleaner Times.  Cleaner Times is
recognized in the power wash industry
as a reliable and accurate source of

The publication is THOROUGH.  From
start to finish, it is jam packed with
information that goes beyond the
operation of the unit and the chemicals
and cleaners.  The guidebook includes
information on starting and operating a
business, marketing, important
documents, branding, social media
and so much more.
If you need a more comprehensive guidebook, this is a super-awesome option.  It is more expensive. That is a fact and no way to get around that fact.
BUT....if you want additional, comprehensive information on creating and operating a business along with the ins and outs of the power wash industry,
then we highly recommend this guidebook.  
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It's Wood Season!!!!  Are You Ready??
As your residential customers begin to call for their annual house washing, wouldn't it be great
if you could offer additional services such as wood restoration?  Let us train you to clean, strip
and refinish exterior wood like fences and decks.  

Spend a day with us and learn from an industry-recognized wood expert. Tracy Handl has
worked with wood since his early high school days and that continued as he worked on a deck
and fence crew in the field.  It was during this time, that Tracy became adept at restoring wood
to its original beauty.  

Wood restoration can be lucrative. It can also be costly if mistakes are made due to
inexperience or just a lack of knowledge. You can avoid that by learning to do it right from the

Make plans to attend a hands-on Wood Class April 8, 2017. Located on the shores of Lake
Lanier, Gainesville, Georgia is a quick ride from the metropolitan Atlanta area and
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

After a quick breakfast, spend the morning learning the technical stuff. It won't be a stuffy
lecture. We will relax and learn in a fun and educational environment.  After a hearty lunch, we
will put the morning's information to use in a hands-on environment with learning stations for
each step of the process.

Space is limited so reserve your spot early.  Tuition fee for the class is $350.  Reserve your spot
for $75.00