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Surface Cleaners/Parts/Accessories
  • Save labor, fuel and water
  • Eliminate over spray and zebra
  • Trigger gun controlled cold or hot water
  • Balanced spray bar with 2 nozzles
  • Xenoy ABS cover
  • Pressure: 2000 PSI to 4000 PSI
  • Flow: 4 GPM to 10 GPM
  • Temperature: 212 Degree F Maximum
  • Speed: 2500 RPM Maximum
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With all these options, where should you start? Determine the size
needed remembering that not all machines have enough GPM / PSI to run
them efficiently. We can help you with that question.  Determine if you would
like wheels (castors) or a hover unit (no castors). Amongst contractors, it's
always a debate and in many cases comes down to personal preference.  
Consider the gun placement. The linear gun style in the Big Guy style is easy
to pull and seems to be preferred by contractors with joint problems or