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Trimaco Dropcloth - 8' x 12'
Part Number 7005
These dropcloths are heavy duty and reusable making them a great investment.  These
dropcloths are double guard non-woven with an absorbent top layer and leak resistant poly
Merit Pro Dropcloth - 9' x 12'
Part Number 7010
These embossed plastic dropcloths can be used to cover when painting, staining trim,
touch-ups, or single rooms, and one-time floor protection in light traffic areas.  Embossed for
improved grip on furniture and floors.  Hold paint spills.
Merit Pro Dropcloths @
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Dropcloths and Tarps
Dumond Catch-N-Cover Microfiltration - 11' x 20'
Part Number 7084
During home improvement construction and other projects, debris and overspray can ruin
the lawn, plants, and surrounding area of the jobsite. Dumond Chemicals offers a product
strong, breathable, and specially-treated water filter material that allows both air and
water to easily pass through as it collects debris and overspray from construction. The low-
absorbent fabric will not suffocate, crush, flatten, or “cook” the vegetation underneath, even
in direct sun like plastic or heavier tarps can. Not only does this lightweight barrier shield
the area from dirt and debris, it remains strong even when wet and is durable enough for
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