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F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover is specifically developed to reverse and eliminate the largest
proportion of efflorescence, calcium, calcium carbonate, and mineral stains on concrete, brick, pavers,
tile, stone, concrete coatings, asphalt and other surfaces. This includes the complete spectrum of the
calcium family; powdery efflorescence, calcified efflorescence, lime run, white scum, calcium carbonate
and mineral stains.

F9 Efflo,  needs to be applied by a professional.    The process normally takes more than one application
for severe staining.  F9 Efflo, with proprietary ingredients is highly buffered to not burn intact skin, cut
down on up to 95% of fumes, removes 60-100% of the staining and restores concrete and other
surfaces to their natural bright color.
We are pleased to carry products by Front 9 Restoration.  Craig Harrison, F9 founder, has worked in the field and
understands some of the challenges that professional contractors face when removing rust, battery acids and

These are contractor-grade products should be used by professionals.  Please review information provided here as
well as the manufacturer's website at
www.front9restoration.com.  It your responsibility to use the product
according to the directions.
F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is specifically
formulated to remove BOTH  battery acid staining AND rust
stains.  This includes the entire spectrum of the rust family-
thin, thick, topical, embedded, and fertilizer staining.  BARC
is easy to apply and does not require scrubbing, brushing or
elbow grease.  BARC is ready to go upon arrival and does
not require mixing.  F9 BARC chemically locks into the
concrete, reversing  80-100% of the orange staining and
restores concrete to its natural bright gray color.
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