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Burner Coil Cleaners
KO Koil Kleen
Granular powder that works to dissolve lime and scale buildup on
coils.  Used as directed, it is safe for personnel and equipment.  
Contains a built-in inhibitor that offers protection to most metal
Part Number: 4791 - Case of 4 - 8lb Containers
Part Number: 5101 - 8 lb Container
$ 37.35
Red Devil Soot Remover
Formulated to attack existing soot formations and
prevent further buildup.

  • Keeps heating system cleaner
  • Combats formation of sludge and gum
  • Emulsified and removes water from fuel tank
  • Harmless to metal
  • 1 oz. to 10 gallons for treatment
Part Number: 2619 - Case of 12 Pint Containers
Part Number: 2618 - 1 Pint Container
$ 8.00
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